CHC22015 – Certificate II in Community Services

This course is ideal if you are thinking about entering or re-entering the workforce and have an interest in working as a Community Services Worker.

It is extremely rewarding to work with community services organisations to support people within our community, and to do well as a Community Services Worker, you will need good communication skills, an ability to show empathy and a willingness to work with people.

This course will give you skills you need to work in residential facilities and in a range of Community Services settings working under direct or regular supervision.

You’ll learn how to support a diverse range of individuals by providing a first point of contact, as well as how to organise and complete daily work activities. You’ll also gain the skills you need to participate in workplace health and safety activities, and communicate and work effectively in Health or Community Services settings.

On successful completion of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to volunteer for a number of community services organisations or as a Community Services Worker working under direct or regular supervision

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