Our Courses

To see a current copy of our scope or registration you may look on or look at the list below.


  • SIR20216- Certificate II in Retail Services
  • SIR30216- Certificate III in Retail Certificate III in Retail


  • SIT20322 – Certificate II in Hospitality
  • SIT30616- Certificate III in Hospitality


  • SIT20421 – Certificate II in Cookery
  • SIT30821 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT40521 – Certificate IV in Kitchen Management


  • BSB20120- Certificate II in Workplace Skills
  • BSB30120- Certificate III in Business
  • BSB40120- Certificate IV in Business

Leadership and Management

  • BSB40520- Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • BSB50420- Diploma of Leadership and Management

Work Health and Safety 

  • BSB30719- Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
  • BSB41419- Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

 Early Childhood Education and Care 

  • CHC30121- Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC50121- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Community Services

  • CHC22015- Certificate II in Community Service
  • CHC32015- Certificate III in Community Services
  • CHC42021 – Certificate IV in Community Services
  • CHC53215- Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
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